The WUHS Mathematics Department strives to provide rich mathematical learning experiences, and the skills that underpin them, for a wide variety of students. All courses integrate technology with pencil-and-paper calculations so that students may be proficient problem solvers. We view algebra as the critical tool for secondary mathematics, thus the curriculum of all introductory courses includes algebraic concepts. Computer Science courses prepare students for careers in technological fields, while Personal Finance and Statistics courses provide business and life skills. College credit may be earned through Advanced Placement courses such as Calculus, Computer Science, Computer Science Principles and/or Statistics.

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The Mathematics Department fosters the following Enduring Understandings:


  • Use mathematics to help make sense of the real world: identify variables, formulate a model describing the relationship between the variables, interpret results, and validate and report conclusions and the reasoning behind them

Number & Quantity 

  • Reason, describe, and analyze quantitatively, using units and number systems to solve problems


  • Create, interpret, use, and analyze expressions, equations and inequalities


  • Use functions, including linear, quadratic, trigonometric and exponential, to interpret and analyze a variety of contexts


  • Understand geometric concepts and constructions, prove theorems, and apply appropriate results to solve problems

Statistics & Probability 

  • Interpret and apply statistics and probability to analyze data, reach and justify conclusions, and make inferences

If a student would like to take 2 or more math courses in the same school year, with the exception of Computer Programming, it is strongly suggested that the student talk with their math teacher and/or the Math Department Chair. Math courses for 9th graders will be selected by the Math Department. Students who have successfully completed Algebra I may take computer programming.

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