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Science courses are taught with a vision of fostering a life-long love of science and an appreciation for the mechanisms that govern the natural world. We offer an intriguing array of courses, from the traditional “core” courses to specialized classes including Astronomy and Aquatic Ecology.

Grade 9 Level III
1 credit

This new course offering in (integrated science) offers students an introduction to the core subjects of biology, physics, chemistry and earth systems through the examination of major, relevant themes in science. The course approach combines questioning, experimentation, observation, data analysis, small and large group work, and projects. The goal of this course is to build in each student a foundation in the core subjects, while developing the laboratory, critical thinking, problem- solving, technology and communication skills necessary to be an engaged citizen scientist in the 21st century.


Grades 10-12 Level III
Course prerequisite: Environmental Science 1 Credit 
written approval of the Department Chair.

Students taking Biology will focus their learning on understanding the adaptations and interdependence of organisms in the living world. Using a systems approach, students will research topics, conduct experiments, and read articles concerning ecology, botany, zoology, microbiology, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, and evolution. By using both local and regional resources for field and classroom studies, students will conduct authentic research incorporating many different tools and technologies. Students will be expected to read and interpret current events highlighting scientific discoveries in addition to conducting their own inquiry based experiments. Those enrolling in College Preparatory Biology currently expect to attend a four-year college or university upon graduation.



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