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The Social Studies offerings at Woodstock Union High School are designed to provide a breadth of content in alignment with the Vermont Framework of Standards while presenting the opportunity for meaningful inquiry and analysis. The courses make abundant use of primary and secondary source material in order to allow students to build understandings, make meaning, and drive decision-making. Students analyze diverse points of view to show relationships, encourage discourse, and build tolerance. We have a full program of required courses beginning with the Modern World History (9th grade), US History (10th grade), and American Government and Politics. The department offers a variety of elective classes at different levels including Current Events, Knowledge and Beliefs, Military History, Psychology and Street Law. Course curricula are implemented in studentcentered classrooms using a variety of teaching methods.

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The Social Studies Department fosters the following Enduring Understandings:


  • Make sense of the world around them through questioning
  • Analyze information to develop reasonable explanations that support inquiry
  • Communicate in ways that foster the exchange of ideas in a democratic society


  • Use historical inquiry, including the use of primary and secondary sources, to gather information about the past that will help them make sense of the present and decisions about the future, geography, propose solutions to local and world issues by using geographic tools to analyze data and examine cultural information

Civics Government & Society

  • Act as citizens by understanding how governments function and by exercising their rights and responsibilities within their current societal structure(s)


  • Make economic decisions through their understanding of the interaction between humans, the environment, government, and the economy

Required courses: One course in each area for a total of 3 credits

  • Modern World History                        Offered full year, Grade 9, 1 credit
  • U.S. History                                      Offered full year, Grade 10, 1 credit
  • American Government and Politics      Offered 1 semester, Grade 11 or 12, .5 credit OR Advance Placement US Government and Politics Offered full                                                            year, Grade 10, 11 or 12, 1 credit
  • Social Studies Elective                       Offered 1 semester, Grade 10, 11 or 12, .5 credit

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