Woodstock Union offers various courses, programs, and learning opportunities on site and outside of the school that allow students to demonstrate achievement toward the Woodstock graduation requirements. Students may also design their own learning opportunities toward graduation as long as they meet the criteria for graduation.  Learn more about Vermont's Act 77 on the AOE website.

1.  Dartmouth College Community Student High School Program

Grades 11-12                              Application Required

This opportunity is available to WUHS students who have successfully completed all the advanced course work in a given field and have received permission from the relevant department at both the High School and Dartmouth College.  These courses are so designated on student transcripts; like Honors courses, they are not weighted.  Transportation to and from Hanover, NH is the responsibility of the student(s).  Please refer to the following link to access 2010 fall term class offerings (http://www.dartmouth.edu/~reg/courses/).  Contact an administrator or your counselor for more information.


2.  Online Learning
Grades 9-12                                Application Required

Woodstock Union High School offers online courses to a limited number of students each year through the Virtual High School (VHS).  VHS is a non-profit consortium of schools that offers full-semester online courses to students of the participating schools.  VHS offers over  300 full semester courses in Arts, Business, English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Life Skills, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Technology. In addition, VHS offers 15 Advanced Placement (AP) full year courses and 11 Pre-Advanced Placement courses to participating students. All core courses are NCAA accredited.

Students participating in VHS courses not only receive rigorous course content in their courses; they also have the opportunity to participate with other students from other states in a virtual classroom learning experience. Students who take online courses are gaining many of the skills such as multimedia presentation skills, online collaboration and communication, assessment of online resources, and online team-building skills that are essential to the 21st Century learner.

WUHS treats VHS courses like any other course offered in the program of studies and students who think they may be a good candidate need to have at least one study hall blocked into their schedule.


3.  Supervised Work Experience Program
(SWEP) credit as assigned
Grades 11-12                              Application Required 
The Supervised Work Experience Program is designed for juniors and seniors who benefit from a program which combines academic education with actual work experience. SWEP permits students to elect work situations as part of their regular school program and may grant one high school credit for each three hundred hours of approved work experience. The maximum number of credits which students may earn during their high school career is three, with not more than two being earned during one academic year. Credit will be granted on a pass/fail basis. Written reports, research, and interviews will be required. Students must be able to access pay stubs from their employer. Application forms are available from the Counseling Office. Students must complete the application process prior to earning any hours which count toward the SWEP credit. SWEP is assessed by the quarter. A passing grade must be maintained in order to continue in the SWEP program.



4.  Student Intern
30 Hours Equals  1/4 Credit           Application Required
Kid Power offers students the opportunity to perform community service in school or the community for credit. The program seeks to match students with available mentors/faculty in the school system or wider community who will empower students to sample career information through service learning. For example, the school nurse may agree to mentor a student interested in allied health careers. Students will be interviewed for positions, and job descriptions will be available. Students may earn credit based on total accumulation of hours up to three elective credits.



5.  1077 / Introduction To College Studies
Grade 12                                   ½ Elective Credit
Intro to College Studies is a free course available each semester through the Community College of Vermont. This course provides high school students with an introduction to the college experience and the opportunity to explore the skills and expectations required at the college level. Students work on goal setting, time management, stress management, study skills, communication skills, and learning to seek and use informational resources. This course is also an opportunity to gain valuable information about the college application process, financial aid and personal financial management. This course is generally offered in a 13-week session with classes meeting one afternoon a week for two hours. The successful completion of this course makes students eligible to receive a voucher to take a free 3-credit class at any of the Vermont State Colleges.



6.  Senior Concentration
Grade 12                                   Credit Based On Hours
Prerequisite: Junior Transition
Application Required
Senior Concentration provides students the opportunity to explore any career interest, both on and off campus, prior to attending college or taking their next step after graduation. With the recognition that all students are different and have varied interests, this study allows students to research an area of interest at their own pace with the guidance of a mentor. This program is an independent study and will not meet daily.



7.  Community Service
Grades 9-12                                30 hours equal 1/4 credit
Application Required
Students can participate in 30 documented hours of community service and earn 1/4 credit toward graduation. Interested students should see either the assistant principal or their school counselor. Students may earn credit based on total accumulation of hours up to three elective credits. Contact an administrator or your counselor for more information.


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