Vermont Dual Enrollment

Credits Awarded: Students can earn ½ credit for a 3 or 4 credit Dual Enrollment course.

Eligibility Requirements:
Students must be in good academic standing, as well as meet grade level credit requirements. Students must be a Junior or Senior in order to take advantage of the Dual Enrollment voucher. A student may take the courses anytime during the summer before their junior year through the spring of their senior year. This opportunity is not available for students during the summer after their senior year once they have graduated from high school.

Description: This program serves to introduce students to college level coursework before they complete high school, applies college coursework

to secondary school graduation requirements, and enables students to graduate from high school with a jumpstart on college. The program allows for two tuition free college courses for eligible Vermont high school students. Note that under this program the tuition is fully covered. Students and their families are responsible for the cost of any fees and books/materials associated with the course. The Vermont State Dual Enrollment Program is a college level course that becomes part of the student’s transcript, regardless of where the class is taught. Dual enrollment credits will be considered and accepted by most colleges as transfer credit. Core credit may be available with department and administrative approval before the class is taken. This credit does count towards eligibility. These course are not weighted and not part of the student’s GPA. These courses are offered during the school year as well as summer.

Contact Person: Counseling

Expectations: Students must complete registration forms with Counseling.  

Learn more about Vermont's Dual Enrollment program here.



Possibilities: Any college or university residing within the State of Vermont.