Vermont's Early College Program (ECP)

Credits Awarded: Students may earn .5 credit for each semester long 3 or 4 credit course.

Eligibility Requirements: Junior students who will achieve senior status may consider taking their senior year at a state college or community college. Students must also be in good academic standing, as well as meet grade level credit requirements.

Students who will achieve their senior status may complete their senior year at a state college or community college. In some cases,

students may have the opportunity to live on campus (requires payment of room and board) or students can commute to the school on their own. School counselors work with students and their respective college to insure minimum remaining high school graduation requirements are met. Student’s transcript will reflect the college attending and the course titles. These courses are not weighted and not part of the student’s GPA. Students who wish to play sports are eligible as long as they do not participate at the college level.

Contact Person:

Students are responsible to provide a copy of their college transcript in order to have the credit reflected on their transcript. Students must remain in good academic standing with their high school as well as the college they are attending. Paperwork must be completed in February prior to attending college.

Possibilities: Any Vermont State Colleges.

You can learn more about Vermont's Early College Program here.

Oakley's Story
Oakley Lemire '17

Halfway through my Junior year, I felt that I already had the tools to continue my education on to college. So I went to the counseling office to see what opportunities I had and I remembered my friend who was currently enrolled at the Early College program and thought I would apply just to see if I could even get accepted. Through a series of emails I learned that I earned the right to have an interview with if a staff member of the Johnston State College admissions team. I was accepted on-the-spot and the car ride home I had second thoughts because it was such an unusual pathway that I knew very few people would go through and that very few people would maybe understand. However, once my year started and I got into the swing of things it became apparent very clear right away that I had made the right decision. If there is one thing that truly did shock me, it was how quickly I felt like a regular college freshman. I was acclimated very well into my classes and most of the time people would not even know that I was Early College unless I told them. Even friends who I would spend my days with would say, "I always forget you're Early College," and that is very much the feeling. I even met other high school seniors that I were not aware were also in the program even months into the year who I thought were normal college age freshman. There were a lot of very difficult moments throughout the year of course and I feel that they helped me develop myself not only as a stronger student but also as a person. The Early College Program showed me both how strong I am and how weak I can be but I was able to nourish in an environment that challenged me to better myself in every way. I not only feel that I gained an immense amount of knowledge but more importantly I developed friendships with so many different people on campus that will last a lifetime. Looking back on how nervous I was on the car ride home from my interview, I am now very happy that I did not listen to my fear and not go through with the program because it most definitely was the right choice and I have nothing to regret. I have a lot to be thankful for from that year and I will always strongly encourage people to take the step to participate in the program and do something that is not typical because at the end of the day the only person who knows the right decision for their life is themselves. - Oakley Lemire

administrator or your counselor for more information.