Independent Study

Credits Awarded: For a mirrored course, credits are equivalent to existing course. For a non-mirrored course, credit is awarded based on discretion of teacher of record.

Eligibility Requirements: Grades 9-12. Student must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 courses. Student and teacher develop and submit a program outline for administrator approval.


Description Independent Study exists in all academic areas. This opportunity is provided for students who have the ability to function independently

and who wish to learn about an area that is not offered in the regular program. In certain instances, independent study may also be pursued by students who cannot schedule a necessary course in their regular school program.


There are two types of independent studies:

Mirrored: This course is equivalent in all ways to an existing course. This includes curriculum, meeting time, and level of difficulty. In regards to honor roll, weighting, sports eligibility, and GPA, this independent study is treated as another section of the course which it is mirroring. A numeric grade will be received upon completion of the class.

Non-mirrored: This course is not equivalent to an existing course. Therefore, it does not count towards honor roll, extra curricular eligibility, or GPA, and is not weighted.


Contact Person: Discipline specific teacher and administrator. Paperwork is obtained in counseling office.



A complete outline of the independent study program must be submitted in advance by the student and teacher/mentor to the principal for approval. The outline typed on a separate sheet of paper must include the following:

A. Title of the Independent Study

B. Objectives to be met by the Independent Study

C. Student responsibilities in Independent Study

D. Teacher responsibilities in Independent Study

E. Regular teacher/student meeting schedule

F. Means of evaluating Independent Study, i.e., paper, project, test, etc.

G. Completion date.