Study Abroad

Credits Awarded: Varies

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be in good academic and behavioral standing. There are other requirements within each opportunity.


Description: There are a variety of opportunities for Study Abroad for our students at WUHS. Students would be best to schedule an appointment with their counselor to discuss these various Study Abroad opportunities.


Contact Person: Counseling


Expectations: Students must meet with their counselor to complete all necessary paperwork. There are various expectations within each opportunity.


Claudia's Story
Claudia '19

The semester I spent in France, similarly to the Woodstock/Saint-Gaudens 2 week exchange I did in my freshman year of high school was an amazing experience linguistically speaking. However, my semester was life changing in that I learned more about myself not only as language learner, but as a global citizen. I learned about the academic and cultural differences between France and America, while making life long friends. I would highly suggest any international exchanges Woodstock and other programs have to offer. Another thing to remember is that although I went into my semester in France fluent, people are generally very understanding and willing to help you learn, and your language skills will massively improve. This experience was truly unforgettable.


Possibilities: Endless