SWEP (Supervised Work Experience Program)

Credits Awarded: Credits are awarded based on hours worked up to three credits. Three hundred hours of work equal one credit. Credit will be awarded on an annual basis unless prior arrangements have been made with the SWEP coordinator.


Eligibility Requirements: Grades 11 and 12


Description: The Supervised Work Experience Program is designed for juniors and seniors who will benefit from a program which combines academic education with actual work experience. SWEP permits students to elect work situations as part of their regular school program. The

maximum number of credits which students may earn during their high school career is three, with not more than two being earned during one academic year. Credit will be granted on a pass/fail basis.


Contact Person(s): Kate Watts and Counseling


Expectations: Students are expected to check in with the SWEP coordinator by-weekly while enrolled in the program to discuss their goals and objectives. Students must provide pay stubs from their employer. Students will complete the application process prior to earning any hours which count toward SWEP credit. Students are not permitted to work at family owned businesses.


Possibilities: Any paid position where pay stubs are received and you are not working for family.