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Technology @ WUHSMS

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At Woodstock Union High School and Middle School, we believe that 21st century technology skills are an important ingredient for teaching and learning and that access to the right tools at the right time prepares our students for higher learning and careers within and beyond our community.  

Through the meaningful use of technology our students are learning what it means to be skilled information processors, collaborative workers, effective communicators, self-directed learners, and responsible citizens.    

In 2010, students and staff embarked on a new educational journey with the launch of our 1-to-1 netbook initiative.  Currently all students in grades 7 through 10 have been issued a school computer for learning, collaboration and communication.  Staff development, technology training and curricular redesign have been focal points of our preparation to foster a school-wide effort to provide students with enhanced learning opportunities.  

We believe...

  • technology provides a variety of ways for students to learn

  • we need to keep pace with the ever-changing nature of information and technology

  • opportunities for learning exist everywhere

  • we, as a community, are all (at different times) teacher and student

  • students should be active, self-directed participants in their learning

  • it is important to foster student responsibility in order to help students achieve success

  • technology can lead to greater efficiency in learning

  • technology can facilitate more personal, collaborative student-teacher interactions


Here’s a grade-by-grade overview of our net book initiative.

Grades 7 & 8

All seventh and eighth grade students receive netbooks to use during the school day. Netbooks are stored in mobile carts in reading classrooms.  Students check out the computers prior to the beginning of the school day and check them back into the carts at the end of the day.

Grade 9

In the ninth grade, we continue the practices established in the middle school.  Students are assigned a charging cart located in each of the ninth grade core classrooms.  Students continue to check netbooks out at the beginning of each school day and return netbooks to the assigned cart at the end of the day.

Grade 10

Tenth grade represents a transition year for our students and their devices.  Students are given the opportunity to travel back and forth between school and home with their netbook.  Students and parents agree to and sign our Netbook Custody Agreement (see back side).  Students who would like to use their own personal netbook or laptop computer in school are permitted to do so when they return a signed AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).  Their school-issued device should be returned and will be re-issued to a student in need of a personal device. 

Grades 11 & 12

Eleventh and twelfth grade students who would like to use their own personal netbook or laptop computer on campus are permitted to do so when they return a signed AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). Eleventh and twelfth graders who do not have a personal device can request a  school computer when they return a signed Netbook Custody Agreement.

About the WUHSMS Netbook Computers
The Hewlett Packard netbook that is issued to students is the property of Woodstock Union High School & Middle School. The netbooks come equipped with everything a student will need as a tool for learning. They are issued to the student and must be returned at the end of the school year.

This initiative is about teaching and learning, not about the computer. We believe this tool will support and enhance the teaching and learning process.

Each 7th through 10th grade student is issued a netbook as part of the program but must realize that it is a privilege, not a right. The netbooks will be collected at the end of the school year, and students will be issued the same netbook in the fall of the next school year to encourage students to take greater responsibility for the machine in their care.

Tenth grade students who travel home with their netbook should make certain that the computer is fully charged each day. Any inappropriate or careless use of a netbook needs be reported immediately.  Misuse will result in the computer being taken away for a period of time to be determined by designated staff.


WUHSMS realizes that accidents can and do happen. We would encourage students to be responsible and respectful of their netbook, which are valued at approximately $450. A list will be kept of all accidents and service required for each netbook. Students who have caused damages (accidental or intentional) to a netbook will be required to repair damages and will participate in a review with the Technology Coordinator and Network Administrator, Building Principal and parents to determine if the privilege of having a netbook needs to be suspended.


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