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Marlboro College's Pre-College Summer Programs

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Marlboro College's Pre-College Summer Programs offer young adults (age 15-19) the opportunity to study with Marlboro College faculty members and to build relationships with a group of other students passionate about learning, in the classroom and out. Space is limited to 12 participants per program, creating vibrant communities with room for every voice.


Session I: July 5-July 11: Food and Farming in Vermont | Walking in Someone Else's Shoes
Session II: July 12-July 18: Game Theory and Social Change | You(th) Can Make a Difference
Session III: July 19-July 25: Ways of Knowing | The Art of Persuasion
Session IV: July 26-August 1: DIY Chemistry | History of Western Cuisine

For more information please visit their website at

The Knights of Columbus Vermont State Council announces its 45th Annual Scholastic Achievement Awards Program, with five $1000 scholarships to be awarded this year.  Sons or daughters of a Knight of Columbus (paternal or legally adopted) in good standing in a subordinate Council within the Vermont jurisdiction are eligible.  Sons or daughters of deceased members are also eligible if their father was in good standing at the time of his death.  An applicant may be a member of the Knights of Columbus or a member of a Columbian Squires Circle, in the jurisdiction of Vermont and a high school senior qualifying to graduate in June 2015.  All applicants must be postmarked by March 1, 2015 to qualify.  Applications are available in the Counseling Office.

The American Legion Department of Vermont Scholarship Program

TEN (10) - $500

Seniors attending a Vermont Secondary School, or a similar school in
an adjoining state, whose parents are legal residents of the
State of Vermont OR seniors residing in an adjacent state whose
normal high school attendance area is a Vermont
Secondary School. Applicant must be a US Resident.
The student must have been accepted at
an approved and accredited school or college at
the time of consideration.

Applications are available in the Counseling Office or by going to

Application deadline is April 1st

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Clarkson Leadership and Achievement Awards

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Clarkson University

Clarkson Leadership Awards*: $15,000 annually for up to four years for high school juniors nominated by selected high schools who demonstrate leadership and outstanding academic achievement. These awards cannot be combined with Clarkson Merit Scholarships.

Clarkson Achievement Awards*: $12,000 yearly for up to four years for high school juniors nominated by selected high schools who demonstrate leadership and outstanding academic achievement. These awards cannot be combined with Clarkson Merit Scholars.

It is important to note that the candidates' for the Leadership and Achievement Awards area of academic interest must be in business, engineering, liberal arts or the sciences and the students must be graduating seniors in the Spring of 2016 who are planning on continuing their education in the Fall of 2016.  We may nominate a total of two students, one for each award.

If you would like to be considered a candidate for nomination please stop by the Counseling Office and see Joni Kennedy.

Nomination deadline is June 1, 2015

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Teen Alcohol/Substance Abuse and Other Resources

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Teen Alcohol/Substance Abuse and Other Resources

To report an underage drinking party (adults or students) before it happens or during

Parent Resources for Alcohol and Substance Use of their Children



Resources in the State Substance Abuse


Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse


What to do for Helping Someone with Substance Issues


National Data on Substance use


Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey


Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Abuse


Resources for Sexual Abuse Vermont and Domestic Violence Vermont


Suicide Prevention Vermont/Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence
WISE 1-866-348-9473


Medical Services
The Good Neighbor Health Clinic (, in White River Junction, Vermont, with satellite clinics in New Hampshire, is a non-profit free health care facility established in 1992. It offers free primary medical and dental care to residents throughout the Upper Connecticut River Valley who are either uninsured or lack the resources to obtain health care.

If you fall in these criteria and need medical care call 802-295-1868

Apps for Phone Monitoring







Social Media to be Aware of:

Kik Messenger
Yik Yak

Beyond Facebook:

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Personalized Learning @ WUHSMS

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More Gap Year Resources

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This list represents a fraction of the opportunities that are possible. It is meant to be a starting point for researching opportunities. The links below are in no way endorsed Woodstock Union High School. They are simply provided as additional resources.

Gap Year Program Profiles (PDF)

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Gap Year Resources

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A gap year--also known as an Interim Year--is a year taken after graduating from high school and before going on to college during which students choose alternatives to mainstream education. It is a time to recharge, rethink, and participate in opportunities that might include work, travel, internships and community service, or even academic programs in new settings. Some are semester long, while others are year-long options.

If a student is interested in both college and a gap year, it is recommended that students work with their college counselors to apply to colleges and then defer their enrollment. Most colleges are open to deferment, especially when the student is able to present a well-planned and thought-out Gap Year program. Many past Woodstock graduates have done an Gap Year. A study shows that almost without exception they not only have benefited, but have been very enthusiastic about this opportunity and gone on to their college experiences greatly energized and focused.



1. Thinking Beyond Borders: Choosing the Right Gap Year 
2. Browse the listing of programs and opportunities
3. Gap Year Fairs Program Profiles
4. Dynamy: USA Gap Year Fairs
5. Teen Life: Gap Year Programs 
6. Thinking Beyond Borders: Paying for a Gap Year
7. Harvard College: Should I take time off?

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Financial Aid Resources

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Financial Aid

FAFSA on the Web  -  (NOT

FAFSA 4Caster -

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation -                        

Student Aid on the Web -                    

Financial Aid -                     

Adventures in Education -  

Student Guide to Financial Aid -



The Vermont Student Assistance Corp. was created in 1965 as a public nonprofit agency to help Vermonters who want to go to college or other training after high school.
We provide grants, loans, scholarships, career and education planning, and general information about how you, or others in your family, can get the education you want.
Maybe you're in high school and you want to plan for college. Maybe you started college, took some time off, and now want to go back. Maybe you have a college degree but want to change careers. Maybe you've had a job change and need to gain new skills. We provide assistance in all those areas.
Ask us – we're here to help!


VSAC Financial Aid

You will need to complete and submit applications for financial aid if you want to receive grants, scholarships, and/or loans.

    • It is very important to apply for financial aid on time in order to meet all the deadlines set by the agencies and colleges that are offering the aid.
    • Check with your school or college to make sure you fill out all necessary forms and meet all deadlines.


Your eligibility for aid is based on the information you provide on the applications. Fill them out carefully and honestly.

  • Most of these forms are available online so you can apply electronically rather than mail in a paper application.
  • We highly recommend that you print a copy of any application you complete online.
  • There is usually a print option at the end of the application.





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Couseling Forms (High School)

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Attached below you will find several useful forms that you can use when working with WUHS high school counselors.


Creating a four-year plan.

Independent Study

Mirrored Independent Study

Schedule Change Request


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