15 January 2015 In Counseling

This list represents a fraction of the opportunities that are possible. It is meant to be a starting point for researching opportunities. The links below are in no way endorsed Woodstock Union High School. They are simply provided as additional resources.

Gap Year Program Profiles (PDF)

15 January 2015 In Counseling

A gap year--also known as an Interim Year--is a year taken after graduating from high school and before going on to college during which students choose alternatives to mainstream education. It is a time to recharge, rethink, and participate in opportunities that might include work, travel, internships and community service, or even academic programs in new settings. Some are semester long, while others are year-long options.

If a student is interested in both college and a gap year, it is recommended that students work with their college counselors to apply to colleges and then defer their enrollment. Most colleges are open to deferment, especially when the student is able to present a well-planned and thought-out Gap Year program. Many past Woodstock graduates have done an Gap Year. A study shows that almost without exception they not only have benefited, but have been very enthusiastic about this opportunity and gone on to their college experiences greatly energized and focused.



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