27 January 2016 In News and Events

Ninth grade Integrated Environmental Science students continue their participation in a joint research project funded by the National Park Foundation and supported by Dartmouth College, the Schoodic Education and Research Center, and Saint Gaudens and Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Parks. Students will become stewards of the environment by developing testable hypotheses about how mercury moves through the environment with a focus on dragonflies. Students traveled to the "Pogue" within the MBR National Historic Park this week to collect water samples and macro-invertebrates. Click on the photo to view the entire gallery.

Coastal Studies for Girls is a semester-long science and  leadership school for tenth grade girls located in Maine. Through community and experiential learning, CSG nurtures girls' intellect, curiosity, confidence, and individual strength.

For more information please visit their website at https://www.coastalstudiesforgirls.org/

09 January 2015 In News and Events

Who says chemistry can't be fun?  Our teachers and students take their work very seriously but of course we need to have some fun from time to time, especially if it involves chemistry.  Here are several pics from a project some of our chem students completed during the recent holiday break.  The assignment was to create an image that included a molecule found in the image.  Some students were very creative with the assignment!  Check out the fluorcarbons (Kristin '16), hypochlorous acid (Abby, '16),   lauric acid (Bailee, '15), vanillin (the image is of a sculpture made out of Vanilla beans by Lauren, '15) and adrenaline (Claire, '15).  Click on the image to view the entire gallery.