Martha Perkins

Martha Perkins

English (HS) - Teacher

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P: 457-1317 ext:1026
F: 802-457-1850
100 Amsden Way
Woodstock, Vermont 05091

Hometown:Ladue, MO, or Scarsdale, NY
Undergraduate College:Hamilton College, BA English; minor Dance; pre-med sciences
Graduate School:Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Ed. M. Middlebury College (BreadLoaf School of English), Master Arts of Letters (MA English)
Years teaching @ WUHSMS:2
Total years teaching:19

If you were alone for one month and could only bring one book, one movie, and one piece of music, what would you bring?
If I were to spend several months alone (and with no other obligations), I would anticipate this venture with a mix of excitement and trepidation; I would begin by consulting Mrs. deBourguignon for her suggestion about the ONE movie I would take with me (Odds are I WON’T have seen it, and I’d like to take a good one that I had not seen before, worthy of multiple viewings!); similarly, I would take a book I have not read (but should have!) such as Corelli’s Mandolin and, finally, I’d probably take a Dar Williams CD, as she’s got many good “story songs” suitable for a range of “moods”. If this question means really only ONE piece of music (not one cd), I’d probably take one Bach or one Mozart piece, and entertain myself for one of those months practicing ways to “rap” that piece, “blues” that piece, “rock” that piece, etc.—Anything to keep from losing one’s mind, alone on a Mountain top!
If you could invite any three people, from any place or time, to dinner, whom would you invite?
A Forest Ranger, a Poet, a yoga teacher – These types seem to get at truths in this universe fairly readily, and a dinner with these kinds of people would probably come with an activity … or three – I like “activity” meals, in addition to delving deeper into truths on the planet earth.
What's the best thing you do that almost no one knows about?
Probably the best thing I do that nobody knows about in the WUHSMS “arena” is pasta “feeds” for XC teams – capped by oatmeal chocolate chip fruit bars – always a winner, no matter what the course, or what the team score!
What makes WUHSMS a special place?
So far, I am really impressed with the way teachers and students are the resources (and stars) of community activities. I am impressed with the way Vermonters make their own entertainment and really don’t seem to need to “hire out” or “order out” for these services – Creativity (and action) are alive and well in the Green Mountains. I also find extraordinary the special the way WUHSMS people really know their environment – listening to a Green Lit student rattle off the proper names of fish he’s caught, or a colleague rattle off a six or 8 mile loop to run or hike, with hardly a road sign to go by- is SPECIAL. NYC types might be able to tell you what subway line to catch, but as to the world above and around them, it’s a nameless, neon whirr! No wonder city types are compelled to text their orientation (“stepping off the #86 crosstown”) every 90 seconds or so, in order just to keep a “friend”.

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