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The Vermont Student Assistance Corp. was created in 1965 as a public nonprofit agency to help Vermonters who want to go to college or other training after high school.
We provide grants, loans, scholarships, career and education planning, and general information about how you, or others in your family, can get the education you want.
Maybe you're in high school and you want to plan for college. Maybe you started college, took some time off, and now want to go back. Maybe you have a college degree but want to change careers. Maybe you've had a job change and need to gain new skills. We provide assistance in all those areas.
Ask us – we're here to help!


VSAC Financial Aid

You will need to complete and submit applications for financial aid if you want to receive grants, scholarships, and/or loans.

    • It is very important to apply for financial aid on time in order to meet all the deadlines set by the agencies and colleges that are offering the aid.
    • Check with your school or college to make sure you fill out all necessary forms and meet all deadlines.


Your eligibility for aid is based on the information you provide on the applications. Fill them out carefully and honestly.

  • Most of these forms are available online so you can apply electronically rather than mail in a paper application.
  • We highly recommend that you print a copy of any application you complete online.
  • There is usually a print option at the end of the application.