Counseling @ WUHSMS

The State of Vermont has defined three basic roles of the school counselor as:

(1) an advocate to and for the needs, responsibilities, and rights of students;

(2) an advisor to peer educators and parents, and

(3) a professional leader who promotes and contributes to the individual student’s full development.

At Woodstock Union High School, the School Counselor provides counseling services which assist in the development of the student as a total person. The counselor assists the student


  • To assess abilities, limitations, interests, talents, aptitudes, and surroundings
  • To learn how to accept, use, and cope with information about the self and others
  • To develop skills and aptitudes which may contribute to full potential
  • To design a realistic and flexible educational program based on an exploration of alternatives
  • To promote recognition, understanding, and acceptance of individual differences
  • To understand the dynamics of human behavior and behavioral choice
  • To encourage decision making, listening, communication , discussion, and inter- personal skills Further, the counselor serves as a consultant in order to provide expertise to assist faculty, staff, administrators, parents and other community members in their understanding of the interaction of human behavior and relationships.

Counselors also interpret relevant information to these groups about the development and needs of students. Counselors assist the school administration by sharing information, opinions, suggestions, and directions as they may relate to students, staff, and programs. Each counselor is responsible for the establishment, maintenance, and expansion of knowledge, skills, and competencies which contribute to the counselor’s personal and professional growth and development.