Rhoda Teagle Library The backbone of the Rhoda Teagle Library is a large collection consisting of over 17,000 volumes, 500 videos/DVD, 130 books on tape/CD, 30 magazine subscriptions and five newspapers. Of the 41 high school libraries in Vermont, Woodstock ranks 24th in terms of the number of books per student. By way of comparison, Woodstock has 24 books per student, Bellows Falls has 50, and Brattleboro has 19. Considerable time and effort is spent in selecting only the very best books for the students, books that are authoritative, up to date, appealing, and that support the curriculum. The strengths of the collection are in the areas of science, ancient Greece and Rome, botany and horticulture, and multicultural foods and recipes. Books by Vermont authors as well as books about or set in Vermont reflect our appreciation of our local surroundings.

The collection is accessed via 10 computers located in the library and from any other computer that has access to the Internet. These computers also provide access to an on-line database with access to thousands of magazine and newspaper articles and the internet.

The library reflects the philosophy that reading is essential to learning by providing an extensive collection of current, popular fiction for both middle and high school students. Sofas, rocking chairs, Adirondack chairs and beanbags combine to provide a place that invites students to “curl up and read” whenever possible. The number of books checked out per student is one way of gauging how much reading that the students are doing. Woodstock ranks 10th in the state for the number of books checked out per student.