Eighth grade students in Family and Consumer Sciences and juniors and seniors in Studio III and AP Art went on a field trip together to Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park to study the Hudson River School paintings in the collection and draw landscapes in their sketch books.  While in the mansion, students learned how to "read" a painting and participated in Visual Thinking Strategies when discussing paintings by Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt and William Bradford.  While outside, students explored the grounds to find their own vantage points to sketch what they saw including hills, trees and cows.  The main objectives were to  understand how natural places can be used as inspiration for artists and to gain a greater appreciation of their surroundings. Students were engaged in the activities and inspired by their beautiful natural surroundings and the magnificent landscape paintings. As a result of their in-class lessons and this field trip, students in FACs will be making a landscape quilt using natural dyes they made and Studio III and AP Art students will be making landscape paintings. Click on the image to view the entire gallery.