This week author/publisher/poet Peter Money visited Mr. Reid's 10th and 11th grade English classes for a poetry workshop and career exploration presentation.  Mr. Money shared stories about his various writing projects, collaborations and inspirations for his work.  He engaged students in a writing exercise on metaphor, by encouraging students to write their "first thought, best thought" and consider the transformative qualities of perspective and ideas through words.  Quoting his college professor, the late Allen Ginsberg, he told students to "start where you are" and "pay attention to what you are thinking".  He then revealed some objects from a distance and asked students to do three things in writing: react, respond, conclude. By the end of the workshop students had written some thoughtful lines of poetry and had a better understanding of what Ginsberg's teacher William Carlos Williams meant with "no ideas but in things".  Last he reminded students to think of poetry as the Greeks did, and be sure that it had music, logic and originality.

Here are samples of student  writing:

"Little foot
between two hands,
caring, holds
my brother has grown
and continues
he walks and walks
and the footprint grows"
"A black dot
The yin and yang, 
unbalanced, into being
centered in an eye of thought
with one conclusion to be your vision"