This week, once again, all 7th graders participated in the "Hour of Code" project, in which each of them wrote their (likely) first computer code, all for a full hour.  The idea is that there is a critical shortage of software engineers, so students work with fun and engaging tutorials, hopefully learning that it's something they might like to pursue further.  They really do have a good time.

Of note is that upperclassmen from Computer Programming and Computer Science classes volunteered to be "guides" for the hour.  A total of 8 upperclassmen and 70 middle schoolers participated.  Special thanks to Melissa Fellows for inviting the initiative into her science classes.  If you'd like to find out more about "Hour of Code" and the importance of knowing more about how technology and coding impacts our lives, check out the links below.  Click on the image to view the entire gallery.

Shakespeare wrote that "the eyes are the windows to the soul".  The great Roman philosopher Cicero also said,"The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter."  Art teacher, Ashley Stagner writes that "these eyes were part of the Studio I class's beginning exploration of figure proportions combined with learning how to draw with charcoal.  Because they were working so big in size, they had the opportunity to work on the recently installed homosode in the art hallway.  They did an absolutely amazing job!" Click on the image to view the entire gallery.

The AP Language class visited the Hall Art Foundation in Reading today.  They toured the exhibit "Landscapes After Ruskin:  Redefining the Sublime" curated by American landscape photographer, Joel Sternfeld.  The students focused on paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations in the farmhouse and the cow barn that explore the themes of man's impact on the landscape and nature's impact on the landscape.  They used the OPTICS method to analyze a work of art and they selected several works of art to write about.  Their objective was to consider this exhibit through the lens of one of the essential questions for their course:  What is the nature of beauty in connection to truth in reality?  Click on the image to view the entire gallery.

Thanks to the National Honor Society for inviting Prof. Joseph Bafumi from Dartmouth College to speak with us about the presidential elections and how things may change under a Trump administration and Republican congress.  We had a great Q&A session that included topics such as election behavior, the Supreme Court, ideology an more.  

What does yeast produce and through what process? Bread making is the perfect activity to answer this question! Seventh grade scientists learned all about cellular respiration in Mrs Fellows class recently.  Click on the image to view the entire gallery.

Our 7th graders have spent some time this fall considering the impact Tropical Storm Irene had on our local community.  One of the outcomes was a Speak Chorus developed and performed by the students.  A speak chorus is a spoken word collage, a chorus of students performing spoken word and lies somewhere between poetry and prose.  Our students created their piece using interviews conducted with members of our own community. 

Recently our 7th graders perfromed their pieces for an audience of high school seniors.  
Here's a link to their performance on Vimeo.   



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