Vermont Supreme CourtPrincipal's Corner

This was a big week in the history of our school. As Justice Harold Eaton (WUHS ’73) told the 300+ people audience gathered in the WUHSMS Yoh Theatre on Thursday morning, the Vermont Supreme Court held its first hearings in the 250 year history of the Court in a public school.


Students and teachers from fourteen Vermont schools along with members of the general public joined WUHSMS students in the day-long event that included five hearings, two question and answer sessions, and the justices joining students for lunch.


Here are some of Justice Eaton's comments about the event: We were all impressed by the level of interest of the students during arguments and enjoyed the opportunity to answer their questions. I think the day provided them with a unique opportunity to see a branch of the government in action and I can’t help but believe it was educational for them. Based upon yesterday’s experience, the Court is already planning to visit another high school next year...It was a day that the justices will never forget.


WUHSMS students, faculty and staff engaged in the event, contemplated what it means to live in a law-based society, and welcomed a range of guests to our campus. It was a great day!


Warm regards,

Mr. Smail


Women Can Do!
WUHS Students participate in the 19th annual Women Can Do STEM & Trades Conference at Vermont Technical College.

Women Can Do is a one-day career immersion experience for 9-12th grade girls from across Vermont. It features dozens of hands-on workshops and action stations highlighting careers in the skilled trades and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

Hands-on workshops are led mostly by women professionals in the skilled trades or science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. At WomenCan Do, girls may operate an excavator, weld, climb a fire ladder, build a robot, design a 3D model, create an online game, wield a chainsaw, extract DNA from cells, or change a tire. More than 35 workshops highlight careers in architecture and engineering, computer programming, green energy, natural resources, public safety and health, communications, trades, and other non-traditional careers for women.

Concern for Student Health & Well Being

What's trending for students at this time? The use of e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, commonly known as "vaping" and use of "vaping pens". Their use is popular and attractive due to a variety reasons such as the flavors in the liquids like bubblegum, cotton candy, and other fruity and candy-like flavors. Another reason students are attracted to the device is how the vapor blows out after being inhaled and the different designs they can make. The liquid in the pen is heated and becomes steam, different from the traditional cigarette.

Please be aware that there is very little known about the effects of use or long-term use, and that even though it has been marketed as a tobacco cessation device, it is not. Many of the liquids contain nicotine and other chemicals, even though they be marketed as having no nicotine. E-cigarettes and liquid refill packs are considered tobacco substitutes and therefore contraband here at school and violates the substance use policy.

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