Year of Graduation: 2019


If you were alone for one month and could only bring one book, one movie, and one piece of music, what would you bring?

If I were alone for one month I would bring the last Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Mamma Mia!, and the song "Take on Me" by A-ha.


If you could invite any three people (fictitious or real), from any place or time, to dinner, whom would you invite?

I would invite Hermione Granger, Harry Styles, and my grandmother Mary Ilene who passed away before I was born.


What's the best thing you do that almost no one knows about? (Perhaps you're a great singer, a horse whisperer, a great juggler???)

I'd like to think that I am, secretly, a pretty good dancer.


What makes WUHSMS a special place? Can you name a memorable and lasting experience?

WUHSMS is a special place because the people are all so nice and genuine. The teachers are very helpful and are always willing to help us succeed and go the extra mile. One memorable thing I will remember is attending the Zack's Place Prom with Student Council because the feeling of giving back and making the Zack's Place participants happy and excited makes me feel really good.


What sports and/or co-curriculars do you participate in? (Make sure to include theater and music.)

In school, I am a part of the culture club, Spanish club, Interact, Student Council, and math team. I also run track in the spring.


What are your special interests outside of school? (horseback riding, fire department, hunting, wood working,special crafts, etc...)

Outside of school, I swim year-round on the Upper Valley Aquatic club.


What goals do you have for your future? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

After high school, I plan on going to university and swimming on the swim team. Five years from now, I will be a senior in college and, hopefully, the captain of my college team. I will travel and work to try and preserve the coral reefs which are bleaching due to climate change.