Year of Graduation: 2020


If you were alone for one month and could only bring one book, one movie, and one piece of music, what would you bring?

My giant book of poems, The Hobbit, and I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy


If you could invite any three people (fictitious or real), from any place or time, to dinner, whom would you invite?

My partner, David Tennent, and Matt Smith


What's the best thing you do that almost no one knows about? (Perhaps you're a great singer, a horse whisperer, a great juggler???)

I listen.


What makes WUHSMS a special place? Can you name a memorable and lasting experience?

The teachers care, and my favorite moment was when in 8th grade my English teacher Ms Hayslett pushed me to do the small poetry competition, and I ended up tying for 1st place.


What sports and/or co-curriculars do you participate in? (Make sure to include theater and music.)

At the moment I’m in Band and Choir, but Band will always be my favorite one.


What are your special interests outside of school? (horseback riding, fire department, hunting, wood working,special crafts, etc...)

I raise chickens, and I recently started entering them into fairs. I’m also way more social with people. I also enjoy making friends online from around the world.


What goals do you have for your future? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

I would like to become a lab tech or a biologist, and I see myself going to one of the colleges in Maine in 5 years, and being steady on my feet with my partner with a house and some dogs.

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